Advisable Season to Plan Relocation in Whitefield

Advisable Season to Plan Relocation in Whitefield

When planning to move, certain factors must be taken into account: do you have family and professional constraints?

If you have the possibility of moving at any time of the year, choose preferably in the middle of the week, or month and away from school holidays, this will make you to save your earnings.

If you have children and the move involves a change of school, give priority to school holidays or summer holidays.

If you don’t have kids or the move doesn’t involve a change of school, find out which is the best season to move.

When to move?

Each season has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to moving. So when to move?

Moving in the summer: it’s the holiday season!


  • You can take advantage of your holidays to carry out your move with peace of mind.
  • Moving in the summer benefits your children: they are on vacation, and the transition will be less brutal if it takes place during the holidays!


  • However, in summer, the heat can make any physical effort more difficult.
  • If you move to another region, you are likely to encounter traffic jams.
  • And then, everyone moves in the summer, so the movers are overbooked and increase the prices.
  • Finally, you counted on your friends to help you? But there is a good chance that they will all be on vacation during the summer!

Moving in the fall:


  • The summer season has passed, vacationers have returned, and work has resumed.
  • It’s the off-peak period for removals, professionals are available, and prices are low.
  • Moving companies have passed the summer high season and are therefore more available again. They can offer you moving dates more easily.


However, moving in the fall means taking the first steps 

  • In the summer during the holidays.

Moving in winter:


  • Movers are more flexible and responsive. Moving dates can be chosen more easily.
  • At the end of the year, many businesses close. So you can use these holidays to move!
  • Caution! Your friends will surely take the opportunity to see their family or go skiing. It will be more difficult to find someone to help you move.


  • Winter is also marked by difficult weather conditions at times. Snow and ice could disrupt your move, especially if the roads are not passable.

Moving in the spring:


  • The days are longer again; the temperatures are rising, and the ideal conditions for a move are once again met!
  • Movers are always available.
  • If you move in May or June, your children will not be against an additional month of vacation 😉


  • There are none; this is the period most conducive to moving.

Conclusion Spring is the perfect season to move!

The sunny days and the mild weather make this season very pleasant for the move. Indeed, it is easier to carry boxes when the sun is shining than when it is cold in winter, and you have to wear mittens.

In addition, road traffic is much less dense than during the summer, so you have free rein to hit the road without worry.

In the same way, it is an off-peak period for removals, Packers and Movers in Whitefield; therefore, they have more slots available for booking, and, being less in demand, the rates are more advantageous. 

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